SkyeKiwi Update — May

1 min readMay 15, 2022


SkyeKiwi Update on May 15, 2022

Hi All, it has been a while since we updated our progress. Sit tight for some exciting progress.

The Testnet Alpha is LIVE!

After one whole month of testing, our first testnet is finally deployed. The testnet features full capacities to deploy secret smart contract, interacts with secret smart contracts with the first shard. As we mentioned earlier: the first shard is a NEAR compatible shard, you would be able to write and deploy your existing NEAR smart contract with minimal edits.

Just like any initial testnet, expect bugs! After all, the whole point of a testnet is to test.

Our Discord Server is LIVE!

Welcome @Shinobu Oshino to our discord server! We customized the bot to make it work best for the SkyeKiwi Server. For now, it does two things: VERIFY if you are a human, and grant you status and faucet testnet tokens for you. After June 1, we will make most of the channels members only, including the alpha-testnet-faucet channel. To get a Member status, simply enter the server or type !verify in the Welcome Channel. The first 200 members will be granted an OG status and invitation to the OG exclusive channel!

Our Documentation Site is LIVE!

Our documentation site: Documentation Site. We have a rather huge base of documentation to be built. Would love and appreciate any contribution! Propose a PR or issue to help.

Please drop us a message in our discord channel for any question or feedback!




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