SkyeKiwi Update — May #2

  1. SkyeKiwi has reached 500 members in the discord server, thanks every one of our community member for participating and joining us. Our initial plan was to have only 200 OG status but welcomed over 400 members in the group overnight. We raised the limit to 300 OG status to show our welcome. 🎉
  2. Don’t get disappointed if you missed the chance of “OG”. (More updates on active “OG status” & other bonus are on the way. stay tuned!)
  3. The Community is growing strongly with contribution and support in various of ways from our community members who have strong interest in SkyeKiwi. 👏
  4. We are working on a template to write and deploy secret smart contract to the SkyeKiwi Network.
  5. Technical Updates
  • Contract call to serialize protocol (remove string to bytes) for better security
  • On-chain bridge to transfer native chain assets into the enclave environment



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