SkyeKiwi Ecosystem — Bounty Program

SkyeKiwi will roll out bounty and grants program to support developers and non-developers who are passionate about privacy and web 3.0.

For those who are not familiar with SkyeKiwi network yet, you can check out our website and previous articles.

Congrats Choko Wallet for being the first application built in SkyeKiwi ecosystem and it has wrapped-up a successful alpha test recently. A link to Choko Wallet Discord server for more details.

SkyeKiwi team will launch a bounty program (with approx. 5% allocation will be applied to a wide range of ecosystem bounty and grants programs) for those who are interested in and want to participate in SkyeKiwi ecosystem building. The team will grow together with the participants & projects rather than just providing a platform for developers to build products. We invite developers to build privacy related applications in SkyeKiwi ecosystem and test on our testnet, and non-developers to help us grow a strong community.

Join SkyeKiwi Discord for discussion and suggestions, or send a message directly to the SkyeKiwi team: .
Fill out the form.

Brief introduction to different tracks of the Bounty Program:

  • Content Creation & Distribution Bounty
  • Translation Bounty
  • Bugs Bounty (no attacks & please send bug/issue directly to the SkyeKiwi team:
  • Signature Campaign

Please fill out the form: and join our community for more info.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us on Discord.

Discord | Tg: | Twitter: skyekiwi_team | Website |



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