Off-Chain Governance (voting) System — Alpha Stage

A Pre-voting Announcement.

  • BoundedVec for safer encoding
  • New RPC endpoints
  • Better error handling
  • More efficient execution & storage usage
  • Upgraded block benchmarking
  • Faster transaction speed
  • A base for connecting to the parachain system
  • Support: agree and support the upgrades.
  • Against: maintain current status.
  • better solution: option for better suggestions and feedbacks. Please drop any suggestion and feedback in our Discord #feedback channel.
  • Upgrades you support will be implemented and will determine the direction and the future of the development of SkyeKiwi.
  • We do not and will never provide any form of financial related incentives or rewards to influence the voting results.
  • We will broacast new transactions and launch smart contracts execution in the future. After the upgrades, it will enable the running node validators and smart contract executions. Your votings direct the future direction of SkyeKiwi, please take it serious.



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