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3 min readSep 27, 2021

— Did someone say “Kiwi” ?

SkyeKiwi is building a decentralized secret sharing protocol and a concealed smart contract execution blockchain in the Polkadot ecosystem. If you are enthusiastic about SkyeKiwi and are willing to help the community grow, get excited! Join our ambassador program and become deeply integrated into our community by helping us building the future. As a community member, each one of you play a vital role in making the SkyeKiwi Network successful, and we value that.

Come and join the SkyeKiwi Network Ambassador Program, get involved, contribute, and make the future happen together.

Who are we looking for?

There is a chance for anyone. Whether you are an event-guru or a tech-savvy person, there is always a way to contribute to our community. Here’re couple points to warm you up:

  • You’re the awesome developer or tester who desires to contribute to SkyeKiwi’s codes and technical documentations.
  • You’re a privacy enthusiast or an expert who believes in SkyeKiwi’s vision and has passion about the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • You’re highly motivated and addicted to learn and to help SkyeKiwi to build a generic and efficient privacy-first secret sharing protocol.
  • You’re a community leader with proven experience who is capable to promote and educate the community and public about SkyeKiwi.
  • You’re an experienced designer or a content editor who is excited to promote SkyeKiwi with creative ideas.
  • You’re just excited to contribute to the growth and the future of SkyeKiwi.

How to help SkyeKiwi community grow and expand?

We value diversity of ideas and we love feedback. We know building a strong community cannot be done be simply following formulas, so we challenge our community members to think outside the box. Get creative!

Developers & Tech: testers, developers & blockchain technology experts.

  • Identify new key tweaks and features for the core team
  • Test features or new releases, and identify and report bugs
  • Help with building and fixing issues, codes and features
  • Help with writing technical documentation
  • Contribute code and documentation related to SkyeKiwi
  • Identify new partnerships and opportunities for SkyeKiwi

Community (localization & meetups): community leaders, community enthusiastic members & moderators.

  • Promote SkyeKiwi Network (technical or non-tech)through different formats such as monthly online or offline events, meetups, AMAs, workshops, educational seminars
  • Conduct specific themed-events and bring new members to the community
  • Collaborate with local groups, startup incubators to co-host events and to educate public about SkyeKiwi
  • Organize or co-host monthly meeting calls with the team and local community

Content & Social media: influencers, active social media users, designers, content creators/editors & translators.

  • Promote in various formats (video, blog, podcasts, graphic design, etc.) through different platforms to educate the community and public about Skyekiwi
  • Invite influencers, speakers and professionals to join interview sessions
  • Help manage online communities in various languages; help translating Skyekiwi materials into multi-languages
  • Help rebroadcasting Skyekiwi announcements
  • Respond to community conversations social channels, and keep active conversations rolling
  • Write blog posts or articles mentioning SkyeKiwi

Other (ecosystem): enthusiasts who believe in Skyekiwi and desire to be part of the awesomeness.

  • Please let us know if there are other responsibilities that fit your skills to help build the SkyeKiwi community.

Why Become a SkyeKiwi Ambassador? The Perks.

  • Help build community and work closely with the core team to make our vision a reality.
  • Be part of the extended team and become a key contributor to the SkyeKiwi Network. Become a part of a larger community of privacy enthusiasts.
  • Early Access to events. Discuss network updates with other contributors and give first-hand feedback to developers.
  • Be involved in partnerships and opportunities to participate and lead events.
  • Get rewarded with SkyeKiwi swags and other perks, rewards scale with participation.
  • Bonus rewards for successfully organized events.
  • And more …

Next Steps?

If you’re interested, drop us a detailed e-mail or plan at and let’s chat!

The SkyeKiwi team takes our network and community seriously. To ensure a certain level of excellence, the team does have some criteria that we consider during the process of selection and details on how to be an awesome ambassador or contributor, but we will walk through them later on.

Apply now, we are looking forward to building the future of SkyeKiwi with you together.

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