Join Us and Become a SkyeKiwi Ambassador

Who are we looking for?

  • You’re the awesome developer or tester who desires to contribute to SkyeKiwi’s codes and technical documentations.
  • You’re a privacy enthusiast or an expert who believes in SkyeKiwi’s vision and has passion about the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • You’re highly motivated and addicted to learn and to help SkyeKiwi to build a generic and efficient privacy-first secret sharing protocol.
  • You’re a community leader with proven experience who is capable to promote and educate the community and public about SkyeKiwi.
  • You’re an experienced designer or a content editor who is excited to promote SkyeKiwi with creative ideas.
  • You’re just excited to contribute to the growth and the future of SkyeKiwi.

How to help SkyeKiwi community grow and expand?

  • Identify new key tweaks and features for the core team
  • Test features or new releases, and identify and report bugs
  • Help with building and fixing issues, codes and features
  • Help with writing technical documentation
  • Contribute code and documentation related to SkyeKiwi
  • Identify new partnerships and opportunities for SkyeKiwi
  • Promote SkyeKiwi Network (technical or non-tech)through different formats such as monthly online or offline events, meetups, AMAs, workshops, educational seminars
  • Conduct specific themed-events and bring new members to the community
  • Collaborate with local groups, startup incubators to co-host events and to educate public about SkyeKiwi
  • Organize or co-host monthly meeting calls with the team and local community
  • Promote in various formats (video, blog, podcasts, graphic design, etc.) through different platforms to educate the community and public about Skyekiwi
  • Invite influencers, speakers and professionals to join interview sessions
  • Help manage online communities in various languages; help translating Skyekiwi materials into multi-languages
  • Help rebroadcasting Skyekiwi announcements
  • Respond to community conversations social channels, and keep active conversations rolling
  • Write blog posts or articles mentioning SkyeKiwi
  • Please let us know if there are other responsibilities that fit your skills to help build the SkyeKiwi community.

Why Become a SkyeKiwi Ambassador? The Perks.

  • Help build community and work closely with the core team to make our vision a reality.
  • Be part of the extended team and become a key contributor to the SkyeKiwi Network. Become a part of a larger community of privacy enthusiasts.
  • Early Access to events. Discuss network updates with other contributors and give first-hand feedback to developers.
  • Be involved in partnerships and opportunities to participate and lead events.
  • Get rewarded with SkyeKiwi swags and other perks, rewards scale with participation.
  • Bonus rewards for successfully organized events.
  • And more …

Next Steps?



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