Guide to SkyeKiwi Testnet Tokens

For those who are looking for a guide to SkyeKiwi testnet tokens, here you go!

Jun 13, 2022

Create a Polkadot Account.

First, following this tutorial to create an account with Polkadot.js (portal or extension). You will need to make sure the display address format is under “Substrate” to get your SkyeKiwi testnet tokens successfully.


Get SkyeKiwi Testnet Tokens.

Follow us on Discord server and go to “#alpha-testnet-faucet” channel to generate test tokens.

Discord channel

Send “!faucetwith your created account address to receive testnet tokens (as shown below). You will get a confirmation message once completed.

generate testnet tokens

Check you Polkadot account, the testnet tokens should be added now.

See SkyeKiwi testnet link here if you couldn’t find it.

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